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What Does A Homeless Man Do With $100

There’s a fair amount of debate surrounding whether it’s prudent to directly give money to the homeless. While some believe it’s a noble and worthwhile act, others worry that the funds will end up going toward vices like cigarettes or alcohol … [Read more]

I Picked Up A Hitchhiker This Christmas And Liked It

Friday I picked up a hitchhiker who appeared to be young, very cold, and struggling to carry her bag as I buzzed nearer at around 70 miles per hour. Of Course Isaiah was not with me or it never would've happened.. and still I admit it was against my … [Read more]

‘Heroes In Recovery’ Interviews Michael Stribling

Note: the above image is from 'Heroes In Recovery' blog, linked here and after this post. I believe in this cause and hope you find something within this page that helps you or someone you love. Begin.. Heroes in Recovery is a movement with the … [Read more]

22-Week Old ‘Duke’ Saved From Mudslide When Good Samaritan Refused To Leave

At least 21 people have died in the horrific mudslide that took out dozens of homes in Oso, Washington, but at least one baby has made it out alive -- thanks to a Good Samaritan who refused to listen when he was advised to leave the dangerous area. … [Read more]

Waitress Receives Cash, Hawaii Vaca, and Car on April Fools Day Work Shift

Meet Chelsea Roff. A average waitress who raised her sister alone from a very young age, suffered from a eating disorder (weighing only 58 pounds at one point of time) and runs a non profit yoga clinic to help people suffering from the from the … [Read more]

‘He Needs Some Loving’: Family Dog Found Alive in Mudslide Rubble

This is a great silver lining to the loss of life. Enjoy and prayers for the families. A family dog is getting some extra loving this week after he was pulled from the rubble of a home that was destroyed by a devastating mudslide. Buddy, a … [Read more]

‘Some’ Things I Learned During Isaiah’s First Year

Hiya friends.. Spoiler alert: this isn't a complete list, but it's a great start about what I've learned during Isaiah's first year! Most of this falls in the usual categories of parenting, fatherhood, life, dating, love, and a few … [Read more]

Breaking My Silence

It's been months since writing my last post. Something happened concerning Isaiah, and therefore this site, the purpose of which is (honestly) sharing my journey as a single Dad. That's been difficult to navigate lately, at least from a … [Read more]